A comic bullfighting show with people with dwarfism is suspended in Zamora "for moral reasons"

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The City Council of Riofrío de Aliste (Zamora) has not authorized the comic bullfighting show scheduled for the festivities of the annex of Sarracín de Aliste because they were going to participate in it people with achondroplasia and “for moral reasons” that event that appeared in the holiday program will be replaced by a release of heifers.

The suspension of that show has been carried out after this Monday the Franz Weber Animalist Foundation will denounce the programming for next Saturday the 30th within the framework of the festivities, despite the fact that the regulations prohibit shows or recreational activities in which people with disabilities are used “to provoke ridicule, ridicule or ridicule from the public in a manner contrary to the respect due to human dignity.”

The mayor of Riofrío de Aliste, Germán Matellán, has told EFE that the suspension of that bullfighting celebration in which people with dwarfism participated is done “for moral reasons”since he has defended that the law would allow a show of this type to be held and for people with achondroplasia to participate in it, since “if these people want to work they cannot be prohibited,” he declared.

Even so, he has separated the City Council from the programming of the celebration, since it is a local festival commission made up of young people who carries out the programming of the holidays. Neither the City Council nor the Junta de Castilla y Leónas the administration in charge of authorizing permits for bullfighting celebrations, were aware that a bullfighting comedy show had been scheduled, said the mayor, who has indicated that a release of heifers will be scheduled instead.

The Franz Weber Foundation had filed a complaint with the Department of Family and Equal Opportunities of the Government of Castilla y León about the programming of that show that appeared in the program of the festivities of Saint Michael the Archangel from Sarracín de Aliste.

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