A ‘common sense’ minister to stir up the UK’s culture war

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In the absence of the brash and fast-talking Suella Braverman, someone had to continue swinging the hatchet against the culture woke in the United Kingdom. And the chosen one has been Esther McVey (56 years old), promoted by Rishi Sunak to minister without portfolio and already known unofficially as the minister of common sense. Your mission? Fight this new variant of progress and political correctness that has become the bête noire of the British conservative tabloids.

The Sun was precisely the first to define what Esther McVey’s exact role will be, citing Downing Street sources: “She will be in charge of ensuring common sense and directing the Government’s anti-woke agenda“. And it will also be the communicating vessel of the premier with the hard wing of his party, which continually asks for more wood and threatens rebellion day and night.

McVey herself, survivor in the shadow of the era Cameronfrom the era May and of the era Johnsonhas celebrated in style her return to the political spotlight after her success as a presenter on the ultra-conservative GB News channel, the British version of the vociferous Fox News.

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Prime Minister looked for a champion of common sense and found her in GB News, the home of common sense. I will do everything I can not to disappoint you,” he said.

And he will obviously do everything he can to stir up the culture war between now and the 2024 elections. In her television pulpit, with her husband Philip DaviesMcVey attacked universities for the cause trans and the historical revisionism of colonialism. And in her failed campaign as a leadership candidate tory (the last one) promised to end inclusion and diversity policies in the Government.

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