A commotion in Tangsel because a baby is covered in paint to become a silver man


Viral baby covered in paint becomes ‘silver man’ in Pamulang, South Tangerang. The baby was also invited to sing at the Parakan gas station.

This is known because of a report received by the South Tangerang City Satpol PP. Satpol PP officers also went to the location to find out the truth and the whereabouts of the baby involved in singing ‘manusia silver’ the.

It is known that the baby who was invited to sing was still 10 months old. Meanwhile, his biological mother has the initials NK, who is 21 years old.

The Head of the Investigation and Investigation Section of the South Tangerang City Satpol PP, Muksin Al-Fachry, said that his party found the baby living on Jalan Salak.

“We found the baby living on Jalan Salak, renting it,” said Muksin Al-Fachry, to reporters on Sunday (25/9/2021).

Muksin said that NK is singing on a daily basis by becoming a ‘silver man’. During this time, the baby is often entrusted to neighbors with the initials E and B. The two neighbors are also ‘manusia silver’.

“Well, this child is usually entrusted to a neighbor,” said Muksin.

But at that time, E and B brought a child from NK to sing. E and B then participated in coloring the 10-month-old baby with silver paint.

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