A company has been chosen that will provide a taromat solution in Latvia

Following the conclusion of the tariff procurement tender announced by SIA “Depozītapakojuma operators” (DIO), the Norwegian company “Tomra Systems ASA” (Tomra) has acquired the right to ensure automated acceptance of deposit packaging in Latvia, informs DIO.

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After concluding the contract and specifying the location and location of specific taromat models, the production process of the equipment will begin, in order to start the first deliveries of the equipment to the packaging acceptance points in September. It is planned that the deposit system will start operating in Latvia on February 1, 2022.

The DIO states that the tender submitted by Tomra was recognized as the most technically advanced, reliable and well-thought-out tender with the lowest price offered. A tariff rental model was chosen for the cooperation, in which Tomra provides the deployment of all infrastructure and the creation of the IT system, as well as the maintenance of equipment during operation, receiving a fee for each automatically accepted package when the system becomes operational. The vending machines included in Tomra’s offer will also support the possibilities of expanding the deposit system in the future, which can be realized by supplementing the existing equipment with new modules and software. All costs related to the rental and management of machines will be covered by the Deposit System Operator (DIO).

At the same time, DIO wants to implement a pilot program and give an opportunity to another participant in the tender – the domestic company SIA “WinGo Deposit” (“WinGo”). So far, the WinGo device has not been certified and tested in real operation. Once the WinGo machine has proven its effectiveness in practice and obtained the necessary certification, DIO will offer field testing of the equipment at several packaging acceptance points.

It has already been reported that two bidders competed in the tender for the beverage packaging deposit system operator: “Deposit packaging operator”, which belongs to the largest beverage producers, and the company “Zero deposit”, where the owners are representatives of the waste business. “Zero Deposit” started the competition with the taromat solution offered by “WinGo Deposit”.

A total of five manufacturers and suppliers submitted applications for the tender for the procurement of taromats – Tomra Systems ASA, RVM Systems, WinGo Deposit Ltd. in cooperation with Pandipakendi Automatilise Käitlussüsteem OÜ (PAK OU) and UAB Taromatu Servisas, Envipco Holding NV “in cooperation with SIA” Hansab “, as well as” Innovative Ecological Platform “(” Ecoplatform “). The main criteria for selecting the winner of the tender were not only compliance with the minimum requirements set by the DIO and the tender regulations, but also important factors such as bid price, company’s professional experience in similar projects, project implementation plan details and planned human resources, financial stability and several technical aspects. market and production readiness, installation capacity and other relevant factors. The results of the tender were evaluated and final approval was given by the Deposit Scheme Council, which includes DIO members.

Miks Stūrītis, Chairman of the Board of SIA “Depozītapakojuma operators”, points out that the chosen packaging acceptance technological solution has proven itself in such deposit system countries as Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Norway, Sweden, etc. Creating a deposit packaging acceptance infrastructure is a very responsible task, as it goes hand in hand. hand in hand with the sustainability of the system and the overall experience and willingness of the population to hand over empty beverage packaging.

The Latvian Retailers’ Association, which has joined the DIO with the aim of ensuring the representation of trading companies in the implementation and administration of a unified deposit system, also got acquainted with the submitted offers. Chairman of the Board of the Latvian Retailers Association and SIA “Elvi Latvija “commercial director Laila Vārtukapteine ​​says that traders will be the most direct maintainers of vending machines, and it is important that these devices provide both excellent experience and convenience for customers and convenient management staff.

Harald Henriksen, Head of Collection Solutions, Tomra Systems ASA (Harald Henriksen) says that the company will create about 30 long-term environmental jobs in Latvia in its new unit.

On February 1, 2022, a unified deposit system for beverage packaging will start operating in Latvia. The deposit system will be able to transfer packaging of glass, plastic (PET) and metal (cans) soft drinks, all types of beer and other alcoholic beverages (less than 6%). For each purchased deposit package, the resident will have to pay a deposit in the amount of 0.10 euros, which can be returned after handing over the package, if the package to be handed over has a special identification mark and barcode, as well as the package is emptied.

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