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Monday evening at 7:15 pm, the Bordeaux Métropole tram network was "totally paralyzed due to a serious computer failure". Traffic should have returned to normal on Tuesday, except on line A due to the demonstration of high school on the stone bridge.

A "broadcast storm" swept through the city's tram lines on Monday evenings, also preventing the oars from circulating this Tuesday morning. Rarely, this is the first time that such a failure occurs on the completely paralyzed TBM network. What & # 39; is it?

"An information loop generated the saturation of the computer servers, due to a problem connecting to a network location that we were not able to identify," explains Hervé Lefèvre, general manager of Keolis. junction boxes on the 60 kilometers of line to be found during the night when the failure occurred. "

This computer error had reached the control station, installed at the Bastide depot, making this last "blind": he found himself unable to control the electricity used on the tram network, to visualize the trains that circulate there, to check the signaling and exchanges … Even the voice communication was interrupted. For safety reasons, the traffic has been completely interrupted, the trains can only return to the depot without passengers, at low speed.

Return to the order

This Tuesday, traffic should gradually return to normal, with trams circulating on certain sections of lines A and C. However, line A remains stuck on the stone bridge from the high school event – and Alain Juppé, the Mayor of Bordeaux, asked for the evacuation. Already on Monday evening, alternative buses were set up along the tram tracks, between the 11th and 15th depending on the lines, and with a frequency well below the trams – between 15 and 20 minutes.

"These buses were taken on the main bays and this has degraded the whole bus service," adds Hervé Lefèvre, who "apologizes to all TBM customers".

Tram on the B line, Argonne (SB / Rue89 Bordeaux)

Keolis and Bordeaux Métropole said Tuesday that the broken part, a central switch, was "reprogrammed" and will be replaced – an order was given to the manufacturer, the German company Hirshmann. It dates back only to 2010. Does this show the fragility of the network?

"It worked for 15 years, if it was badly conceived it would have known, Alain Juppé replies, but expanding it will have more problems, we have to ask for the cost of maintaining the network, not its extension."

Extension of the fight field

A problem raised on Tuesday, however, Vincent Feltesse. In a post on Facebook Tuesday, the former president of the CUB recalls that "this new failure is successful on many others, in particular on the C line and its extension to Blanquerfort and on line B, at the Campus". It is also necessary, according to the elected socialist Bordeaux, to "ask a more structuring question":

"Our network is going to be the biggest in France and it's also starting to age – is not it time to keep it and especially stop endlessly extending it? This would allow us to focus on better maintenance and missing links like La Victoire / Gare. the tram also has a saturation effect. (…) We must therefore think of other heavier ways: two options are on the table: the RER subway and the subway I have a clear preference for the 1st. But, both must be studied seriously and in a close horizon. "

The debate on the service to the city should intensify in the coming months, with the intention of extending the tram to Gradignan or Saint-Médard-en-Jalles. A text should also be voted in the same terms from Bordeaux Métropole and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region to request the SNCF to circulate more trains in the Bordeaux area.


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