A connected future with 2 important Lithuanians: E.Ulanovas and L.Lekavičius remain in “Žalgiris”

Kaunas “Žalgiris” basketball club has started to lay the foundations for the upcoming season. Lithuanian champions have saved two important basketball players – they will continue wearing green and white shirts Edgar Ulanov and Lukas Lekavičius.

A new two-year contract has been signed with 30-year-old E. Ulanov, valid until 2023–2024. end of season.

The striker, who tried the legionnaire’s bread in Istanbul’s Fenerbahce team last season, returned to Kaunas and gradually regained the name of one of the team leaders. This season, E. Ulanov played 32 matches in the Euroleague, during which he scored an average of 8.2 points and 11.2 points (second result in the team).

In the Lithuanian Basketball League, E. Ulanovas is the most useful player from Žalgiris (15.8 points each) and second in terms of performance (11.1 points each).

Žalgiris has concluded a new three-year contract with L. Lekavičius, which is valid until 2024–2025. end of season.

In the Euroleague, the 28-year-old player was the most productive from Žalgiris this season with an average of 10.2 points. He played a total of 32 matches, during which he also made 4.2 assists and scored 10.9 points.

In the local championship, L.Lekavičius’ statistics are even better – the defender from Šilalė earns 11 points per match, makes 4.5 assists and collects 13.7 utility points per match.

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