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A consequence of Floyd’s death – Police Department of Minneapolis is resolved – News

  • The wave of protests in the USA against racism and police violence continued in the evening peacefully. Again, tens of thousands participated in the marches.
  • The city Council of Minneapolis does not resolve the Polizebehörde, because this was in your current Constitution reformed.
  • New York city mayor provides comprehensive police reforms in view.

The marches through American cities, the mood of the several Thousand of participants was mostly happy and had nothing in common with the riots of the past two weeks.

The reason for the change of mood is that the demands of the protesters were, among others, in Minneapolis and New York belonging to: As a consequence of the violent death of George Floyd, the police will be dissolved authority, of Minneapolis, said Alondra Cano, a member of the city Council of Minneapolis, on Twitter. The current police system is not reformed.

New York wants to restore confidence

In New York, were marching on Sunday afternoon at least a half-dozen loosely organized groups through Manhattan. They carried signs that read where the schools, not the police, was “Financed”. New York city mayor Bill de Blasio had previously announced the lifting of the curfew for Sunday, a day earlier than planned. There are a number of reforms would be well to have the trust between city residents and the police to rebuild.

For this, parts of the police should flow budgets in the future, in youth and social services. Also, the prosecution of illegal street dealers no longer would be in the hands of the police , since the provisions had been abused in the past, often to the discrimination of minorities miss.


Comedian Tracy Morgan poses for a photo with police officers who observed the Protest in New York.


In principle, several police appeared at the weekend to distance services of New York of aggressive tactics. In some places in the city, the officers smoked cigars casually or assen ice Cream. Some officials shook at a rally in the Hand and posed for photos with the riders.

National guard of Washington deducted

In Washington had kneeled on Sunday afternoon, thousands of demonstrators in front of the White house down. The newly erected fence around the government headquarters of the US President, they brought signs that read that read “Black Lives Matter” and “No justice, no peace”.

Troops of the national guard from South Carolina, you saw on Sunday when you check out from your Hotel, shortly before President Donald Trump tweeted that he had given the order to you from the capital to be deducted.

A little less peaceful was just in Seattle, where the mayor had said, trying to de-escalate the tensions. The police used stun grenades and pepper spray to disperse protesters, after Saturday’s stones and explosives at the officers thrown had been.

Floyd’s funeral will take place on Tuesday

The country-wide protests had. the killing of the African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis on may 25 May inflamed. He died because a white COP had pressed almost nine minutes with the knee on the neck to the ground.

Floyd’s abdication will take place on Tuesday, followed by the burial at the cemetery in Houston Memorial Gardens in the suburb of Pearland, where he is buried next to his mother. Mourners can visit the Church of The Fountain of Praise in the southwest of Houston the coffin of the African-American.


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