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Why was Michel Platini arrested?

The French investigative authority Parquet national financier (PNF) examines the World Cup award to Qatar. It's about bribery and those who are surprised have lived in a submarine the past few years. Platini was President of the European Football Association Uefa from 2007 to 2016 and served on the Executive Committee of the World Federation Fifa, Its 22 members voted in December 2010, the World Cup hosts for 2018 (Russia) and 2022 (Qatar) in a spectacular, jointly held award. Against eight of the 22 electorate were corruption investigations, ten were previously blocked by Fifa, including Franz Beckenbauer. From the beginning, both elections were bribery allegations because both applications received the worst ratings in a Fifa report. But at Fifa only the right grades count.

Since 2016, the PNF has been investigating financial crimes. Platini had been summoned on Tuesday as a witness to Nanterre, a suburb of Paris. There he was told that he was now in custody. To take it into man's hands is the first big public move of the investigators. Sophie Dion, a former advisor to Nicolas Sarkozy, was also arrested.

What does Platini say about the allegations?

Currently he is silent. But in the past, he always denied having done anything wrong. He insisted that he anyway for Qatar I wanted to vote. Over the years, when things did not calm down over the Winter World Cup in the desert, changing stadiums, chilling stadiums and possibly killing thousands of guest workers, Platini said, “Who will remember those words in twelve years? We will see a well-organized tournament. ” Unfortunately, not everyone wanted to be senile with him. Sepp Blatter, also no pastor among the bandits, said, “Nobody casts doubt on the influence that Sarkozy and Platini have done.” Former Fifa General Secretary Jérôme Valcke posted an e-mail in another context saying, “Or did he think you could buy the Fifa as you (the Qatarians) buy the World Cup?”

What role does Nicolas Sarkozy play?

The former head of state of France always said: “I played no role.” But it was different. The World Cup award was, like other tournaments before, involved in geopolitical considerations. Sarkozy made himself first as Minister of the Interior and then as President very deserving of the Franco-Qatari relations. His first state guest after his election in 2007 was the Emir of Qatar. A year later, Sarkozy introduced a law that made Qatar's investments tax-free. Billions of orders for the French economy followed.

For the football was interesting a dinner in November 2010. Ten days before the election of Qatar to the World Cup host Sarkozy invited the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, the then Prime Minister, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim, and Michel Platini in the Élysée Palace. Myths surround this food. Not because of the stuffed beignets or the poached quail eggs. But because of the World Cup.

Platini will say a few years later that he may have pledged to vote for the US Americans who also applied to the tournament. Whether it's true or not, is secondary, because after the dinner at the Élysée Palace, it was clear who he was voting for: “Of course I could imagine that France would be happy to vote for Qatar, but nobody has that of me Sarkozy has given me to understand. ” Some things you did not have to pronounce, since the French were more skilled than the Ibiza tourists from Austria.

Sepp Blatter, then FIFA President and opponent of the Qatari bid, will later say that Sarkozy and the Emir have not only managed to pull Platini on their side. He should have convinced three other Europeans, the election ended 13:09 for Qatar. One year later, in any case, Platini's son, Laurent, was hired by Qatar Sport Invest and became Europe's CEO. That must have been tough hours in the Assessment Center.

That probably the same evening it was decided that the Qatari also buy Paris St. Germain, the then highly indebted favorite club of the French President, almost went under. Qatar was suddenly a big player in world football after this evening.

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