A cry from the heart of Prince Harry to the leaders of social networks

Prince Harry has had enough of hatred on social media and calls on social media to reform their platforms in an article published in his name in the tech magazine Fast Company, Saturday.

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Harry asks Facebook, Instagram and other Twitters of this world to take action.

“We have a chance to do better and to remake the digital world. This remodeling must include industry leaders from all sectors to draw a line in the sand to limit unacceptable practices online, ”he wrote, adding that“ sadly our faith in [la compassion, la confiance et le bien-être des individus et des communautés] seems to diverge from what is really experienced by people on social networks. “

Harry has revealed that he and his wife Meghan Markle have started calling influential figures in business, marketing and large multinationals to ask them to reconsider their financial role in what he calls’ contribution […] conditions favorable to the creation of a crisis of hatred, health and truth. ”

Harry and Meghan have had several run-ins over the past few months. In July, they filed a complaint in Los Angeles against one or more paparazzi they accuse of having photographed their young son Archie without their knowledge in their garden, AFP learned from their lawyer.

Markle also recently asked the British justice system to ban the publication of the names of five friends who had defended her in the face of attacks targeting her in British gossip magazines.

In May, it was reported that Markle is believed to be convinced that a royal ‘plot’ has been set up against her after her marriage to Prince Harry. According to what a relative told the Sunday Times, the Duchess would have always felt like an “outcast” within the British royal family.

Markle is “certain” that some royal courtiers “were working” against her, to make her look bad in the eyes of public opinion.


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