A Cuban cousin of Jeff Bezos wants to meet him "to maintain the family tradition, not to ask for anything"


Published Sunday, 12 May 2019 – 10:35 (GMT-5)

An 85-year-old Cuban who claims to be a cousin of American billionaire Jeff Bezos wants to meet him personally.

"The family, wherever it is, will always be the family," said Rolando Bezos. Russia today.

The old man revealed that years ago he wrote a letter to his famous relative, and still awaits an answer.

He also said that he always had references to his cousin and how he prospered in his business, which made him the richest man in the world.

"We learned that Jeff had rented the garage from the house to his father to put a bookstore. That's how it starts to emerge: a bookstore in the garage of the paternal home. He starts selling his books online and becomes famous this way," he said .

The powerful leader is an adopted son of Miguel Ángel Bezos, a Cuban Born in Santiago de Cuba, arrived in the United States in 1962, as part of the Peter Pan operation. After years of effort and work Miguel Ángel graduated from the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, where he met Jeff, the mother of Jeff, when he was a child.

On an occasion this He confessed that he would not be who he is but for his Cuban father.

In Cuba, Rolando calls himself a man in favor of the Castro regime.

"For me, the revolution means everything, everything. Up until the last moment of my life comes," he assured.

However, he is sure that political ideas do not interfere with a possible family relationship with his cousin.

"If I wanted to meet him, it's to keep the family tradition, don't ask for anything," he said.