A cyberpunk truck for giants: Tesla wants to reveal the e-pickup soon


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<p class=Elon Musk presents a motorized semi-trailer and a roadster.

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Six years ago, Elon Musk first spoke of an electronic pickup. Now the time has come: in November you will be able to present the car "very probably". A "daisy mobile" will not be the truck, reveals the boss Tesla. Fans are as enthusiastic as the competition.

Whether Elon Musk is the great visionary of the 21st century, celebrated by his fans, whether he is just a big fool who brings investors, fans and the media to the nose, opinions differ. One thing is certain: Musk has not been able to prove that his electric car forge can thrive. Although the Model 3 was a good attempt to bring an electric car suitable for people. But the high expectations did not satisfy the model.

This should change with the new model, which is now in the beginning. The announced e-pickup should provide the desired volume and increase sales upwards. After the submission date has been postponed several times in recent months, fans now "most likely" expect a revelation in November. Tesla Boss Musk has confirmed on Twitter a request from a user, if the appointment this time will resist, with the words "no change" – "no change".

The expectations of the pick-up are great. On the domestic market producers like Ford and GM get huge profits. Heavy vehicles with an open loading area are required especially for artisans and for agriculture. The Ford F-150 was the best-selling car in America for years and one of the best-selling models in the world in absolute terms. Exactly of this cake, Tesla wants to chase the competition now like a big piece.

So far Handfestes is barely aware of the new pick-up. Only a few details have betrayed Musk. In terms of optics, for example, a year ago he challenged the fact that the truck will have a "truly futuristic design in the cyberpunk style of Blade Runner" – an allusion to the success of the 80s. As the machine should appear in reality, it has left much of the imagination of every individual.

After all, he revealed an enigmatic mini-cut in response to a video featuring the musical theme of Blade Runner. Presumably, the gloomy image with laser lines shows the front of the truck. In fact, it could also be a corner of the loading area. The fans of the musk have disappointed the fans who have tried to do it: "The cyber pressure does not seem anything on the Internet, it looks more like an armored sports car of the future".

The price was important to Musk: his truck is said to have been sold for less than $ 50,000, as revealed in the June "Ride the Lighning" podcast. Because as many people as possible should be able to afford the Tesla pickup. However, the price must be applied only for the simple copy. But Musk made another restriction: for the sake of most people, this pickup would probably be too "futuristic". "It won't be for everyone" – "It won't be for everyone".

"No daisy mobile"

Otherwise, the newcomer Tesla is known to be a six-seater and the cabin should be more than spacious. Musk replied, "This will not be a nice cell phone, sir." The taxi becomes big enough for André the Giant (an allusion to a fighter who died with gigantism; Offer space).

The range of the pickup should be between 400 and 500 miles, maybe even more. "Better than a Ford F150" should be him too. It should be noted that Ford recently pulled ten 454-ton railcars on an F-150 electric prototype, so the boom is high. Even in terms of the sportsmanship of the car, Musk could not resist kicking in advance. It would be quite equal to a Porsche 911, announced in an interview. Furthermore, this comparison has yet to begin.

Tesla Motors (USD)
Tesla Motors (USD) 255.58

On the one hand, Musk is always good for surprises and great films, but from another for scandals and disappointments. The fans are hoping for the presentation of the truck on the first. The pioneer of e-cars is under enormous pressure, the challenges are not far behind. There are many unanswered questions: will the Model Y SUV be or not in the spring of 2020? When does Tesla accelerate production in China? Analysts and investors puzzle. The course of sharing reflects in a sense the constant love-hate relationship with the exceptional entrepreneur.

Furthermore, the competition has not slept in recent years. The e-pickup project implementation took a long time. In fact, Musk put the word in his mouth for the first time six years ago. Three years ago he launched the slogan to attack the core business of the Detroit auto giant. Meanwhile, the competition has a lot of time to prepare: GM is willing to invest eight billion dollars in the development of electric and self-propelled vehicles. By 2023, the group wants to bring 20 new electric cars to the market worldwide.

So far, GM has not talked about its withdrawal plans. According to the insiders, the Detroit group, but plans to bring these vehicles within two years in the beginning. Until the production of the Tesla electric pickup, it should take almost as long, according to official information. Therefore, deliveries to customers are not scheduled before autumn 2020. So it could be tight. Especially while Ford prepares a radical swing in his electric truck pickups to repel a Tesla attack on his highly profitable cars.

Although Tesla has not yet announced a concrete date. But for too long it shouldn't take until the e-truck is presented. Incidentally, the new model does not yet have a name. So there are still a few weeks to the letter games. At the top of the class is the letter B. That all the Tesla models shown so far side by side the word S3XY (SEXY) result is known. If you park the pickup in front, it will become "B S3XY". The pronounced English would be: "being sexy" (being sexy). Does Musk miss this gag?

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