A dam partially breaks in Norway after days of torrential rain and flooding

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A southern dam Norway partially burst this Wednesday after several days of torrential rain what caused landslides and floods in the mountainous region and forced evacuate downstream villages. This dam for the Braskereidfoss hydroelectric power station is built on the Glåma, the longest and mightiest river in Norway.

The dam’s generators stopped working early Wednesday after a power grid failureas reported in a statement by the operator of the plant, Hafslund Eco.

An automatic system that should have opened the floodgates to release water failed. The rapid rise of the water overflowed the dam and entered the plant, causing serious damage, according to authorities.

Huge volumes of water spilled out of the western parts of the dam, Thomson said.

Water wrecked a two lane highway and the fences that ran across the top of the dam.

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