A DANA could cause extreme storms and torrential rains this week

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A DIsolated High Level Epression (DANA) could cause extreme storms this week in Spain, as explained by the Meteored expert (tiempo.com), samuel bienerwho alluded to the episode of instability experienced this weekend in the country, which has left accumulated records of more than 100 liters per square meter (l/m2) at points of Balearic Islands and Catalonia.

In addition, there has been a temperature drop due to the arrival of the fresh air mass, going from a record heat wave to values ​​more typical of mid-September in various regions of the country.

This Tuesday, there will be rains in the far north, affecting the Pyrenees more irregularly. In the Balearic Islands some showers are expected, locally stormy. In the morning, the temperatures will be cool, with light frosts in the Pyrenees, and there will be minimum temperatures below 10ºC in cities such as Soria, Teruel or Ávila.

On Wednesday, the instability will increase and, although a situation of general storms is not expected, they could register very intense downpours in Catalonia, without ruling out that they present a certain organization. During the day the temperatures will drop on the Mediterranean slope and in points of the south, and the minimums will not vary too much. In addition, some areas of the southwest of the peninsula could reach 35ºC, however, the environment will be pleasant in areas of the center, north and east with temperatures below the climatic average.

As of Thursday, there will be a new drop of cold air in the Atlanticso the change in weather will already be imminent, according to Meteored, which specifies that this day there will only be a few showers in the east, Balearic and Cantabrianand temperatures will rise during the day.

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