A decisive shift in “cloud games” will change the ways to enjoy the game

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A decisive shift in “cloud electronic games” will change the means of enjoying the game, today, Tuesday, July 20, 2021 09:44 am

Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon offer many offers on a platform that allows people to enjoy high-quality video games on any device. Imagine video game lovers disconnected from computers and platforms, and playing crystal-clear versions of their favorite games anywhere they want. They might traverse the futuristic world of the sci-fi-inspired Halo on their mobile phone while on the train, or they might return to their MacBooks, dust them off and head straight to the League of Legends battlefield. This is the fun future that cloud gaming promises, this newly emerging technology that will reshape the way people enjoy video games… and it can be said that this future is already there for some people.

– Cloud games

Facebook recently announced that it has expanded the coverage of its cloud gaming platform, which it launched last fall, to include 98 percent of US regions. In turn, Microsoft made its cloud platform for electronic games available on more devices, as did Amazon, which expanded the provision of its cloud service and gave Prime members free trials during Prime Day offers last month. The small, but growing, cloud gaming industry is experiencing a period of activity, and is expected to exceed $1 billion in revenue and 23 million subscribers by the end of this year, according to NewZoo, a gaming market analytics company. Experts also expect these revenues to rise to 5 billion by 2023 as the emerging technology improves.

“After years of development, today’s cloud games are going through a sensitive period that will lead them to gain more popularity,” said Rupantar Guha, an analyst specializing in electronic games at Global Data.

But what are cloud games? It is the ability to separate the technical power required to run video games from the device on which they are played. This happens through the use of remote data centers that harness the processing power of the company and run the game directly on the user’s device.

This means that the user will not remain tied to specific platforms or devices, and will be able to play “Halo” on the mobile phone or directly by playing it on the TV and not only on the “Xbox”. Some will also be able to harness the power of the cloud to enjoy high-quality, graphics-rich games on an old, weak device.

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– beta phase

This will lead people to spend less time and money on expensive video game consoles from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, and eliminate expensive gaming PCs, because they will be able to enjoy new games directly on any device and on any device. Place.

On a theoretical level, this sounds great. However, cloud electronic games, which are still in the experimental stage, contain many glitches that may make the player feel frustrated, especially as they require a strong Internet connection.

Cloud gaming technology is also helping shake the supremacy of Sony, Microsoft and other hardware makers in the gaming world. Guillerme Fernandez, an expert in cloud games at Newsoo, believes that tech giants such as Google and Amazon are seeking to dive deeply in this field, “because they see this technology as an opportunity to achieve a breakthrough in the global gaming market.” But the road will not be easy. Joost van Dronen, a professor at New York University who specializes in the video game trade, said that “big tech companies have a sense of arrogance that makes them think they can control and destabilize part of any industry. But it hasn’t succeeded in this in the field of video games until today.”

– Platforms

Google’s Stadia: Google was the first technology company to step into the world of cloud gaming by launching the subscription service “Stadia” in November 2019. Subscribers to this service, with only ten dollars per Month, they can enjoy a library of 22 games on their phone, Google Chrome engines or TV, via a controller. For those who opt for free access to Stadia, they can purchase each game separately.

The service immediately came under heavy criticism due to its poor performance and lack of games. For his part, Jack Bosser, Director of Games at Stadia, said that the service has improved over time and now includes more than 180 games.

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“The gaming space hasn’t seen significant new elements in the last 20 years, which gives us the advantage to do something different in the industry and push it forward in a way that private gaming platforms can’t,” Buser added.

Since then, Stadia has gone through a lot of ups and downs. For example, the long-awaited game Cyber ​​Prank 2077, which was released in December, turned out to be a huge mess on traditional platforms, but its players stated that they enjoyed it a lot through the Stadia service. But in February, Google announced that it would stop designing its own games exclusive to the service, and its chief developer, Jade Raymond, left the company.

Buser declined to comment on the changes announced in February.

> “Luna” from “Amazon”: “Amazon” in turn revealed a cloud service called “Luna” in September, but it is still available today for invitees who pay six dollars a month to enjoy 85 games. These games can be streamed from the cloud on phones, computers, and Amazon’s Fire TV itself. Amazon, like Google, has struggled to amass a large library of engaging games, even though it does offer signature games. French publisher “Ubisoft” for an additional fee. The company has also had trouble developing its own games, which, according to Van Dronen, showed that the creative technical prowess needed to make exciting electronic games did not match the business style of the tech giants. “These companies may have a lot of exciting tech solutions, but they are all It lacks personalization.” Amazon, for its part, said it remained loyal to developing games, so it opened a design studio in Montreal in March. After much delay, she plans to launch her new game “New World” this summer.

– Cloud Offers

> Microsoft, the manufacturer of the Xbox platform, was attracted by cloud gaming technology, and launched a cloud offer called “xCloud” or “Xbox Cloud Gaming” last fall, allowing Sony to also have a cloud gaming service called “XCloud.” “PlayStation Now” can be streamed through the “PlayStation” platforms and computers.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in an interview last month that his company cannot become a gaming company with a certain level of ‘high ambitions’ without cloud games. But Sony declined to comment on his words.

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> Many other companies have also entered this field, including “Nvidia”, the company that produces chips and gaming devices, with a cloud program called “Ge Fox Now” with a monthly subscription of $10. “The service is not yet as fast as gaming on a PC,” said Phil Isler, vice president of GeForce Now at Nvidia. We believe that this will happen in the distant future, but we cannot say when this service will become of the quality required to attract people to use it.”

Facebook went this route as well, but unlike other companies, it avoided launching a subscription service and focused on marketing several games through its app and website. That way, people spend more time on its social networking platform. The company has also used cloud technology to test an add-on for video games: From December to March, it hosted a much-needed reality TV game called “Rival Peak” that offers millions of viewers Vote on matters related to the behavior and interaction of the characters.

Vivek Sharma, Facebook’s vice president of gaming, said cloud gaming has made it easier for people to go directly to gaming with their Facebook friends. She added, “The main goal of cloud technology is to have fun where the user is. If things are simple, easy and fast, people will do it.”

But many cloud programs were not easily available, because Apple prevented them from displaying in its App Store. The latter, which rejects applications that offer libraries of electronic games, declined to comment on the matter.

For his part, Elijah Dolosa, an experienced player in electronic games for “X-Cite”, which specializes in electronic games, tried Nvidia’s GeForce Now game. He said he was “excited and optimistic” about cloud gaming. However, other players were more cautious. Patrick Riley of Cincinnati, who has experimented with Stadia, XCloud, and Luna, said technical disadvantages have kept people from approaching cloud gaming for several years. “I don’t feel that any of these games are any fun right now,” he added.

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