A disco in the west of Cali is closed for not requesting the anticovid vaccination card

At dawn on Monday, the La Premiere nightclub in the El Peñón neighborhood, west of Cali, was closed for not requiring the anticovid vaccination card for entry, as well as exceeding the maximum capacity of 75% within the stage.

“Inside it we find a large agglomeration of people, we identify personnel and clients without the respective vaccination card, a situation that violates the new protocols to protect health and life against the covid,” said Jimmy Dranguet, Undersecretary of Inspection, Surveillance and Control.

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The official assured that the establishment will remain closed until it complies with the biosafety protocols that are required at the national level. Inside the place there were more than 200 people crowded.

“We invite all night merchants to comply with the protocols. It is very important to ensure that the vaccine is strengthened throughout the population of Cali to be able to face all the city events that will be presented in December.


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