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In favor of the competition for Caesars, whose nomination announcement is scheduled for Wednesday, January 23, one of the running films (see the selection) was put online by its producer, Sacrebleu: The fall, by Boris Labbé.

The talented filmmaker continues his experimental work with this multi-screen film festival. After the superb rhizome (2015), then orogenesis (2017), film on the borders of abstraction and animation using loops of images and metamorphoses, returns with an apocalyptic work on the fall of the world. Here is the synopsis:

"When the beings who live in paradise come to contaminate those of the earth, the order of the world is turned upside down.It is the beginning of a tragic fall from which the hell will be born and, on the contrary, the circles of paradise. "

And here's the movie:

Have freely inspired hell, by Dante, Boris Labbé explained in detail his approach in a very complete interview done by Marie-Pauline Mollaret, ofBlack screen.

"If I repeat the text of Dante, his journey takes place in a sort of" topographical structure "that contains the souls of men who lived in the past, classified according to their actions on earth. , individual but rather to mass movements, interspersed with evocative details that affect our memory.It is not far from the art of memory, this discipline invented by the Greeks and then taken up and transformed until the Renaissance, based on "images" and "places". "

Working in Indian ink and watercolor on paper (please!), Boris Labbé multiplies the references and winks at the graphic works strongly imbued with spritiness, mystical allegories such as The garden of delights, from Bosch, The triumph of death, Brueghel, or the series of Pinturas negras, from Goya.

The very unusual soundtrack was composed by Daniele Ghisi "From an existing database of recordings of string quartets, transformed and arranged electronically", further accentuates the feeling of vertigo it provides The fall.

Stéphane Dreyfus

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