A doctor used a robot to give his patient the terminal diagnosis


No one is ready for the moment when a doctor informs him that he probably still has a few days to live, but this situation is even more dramatic if the person who tells you is nothing less than a robot.

This is what happened to a 78-year-old patient in a hospital in the city of Fremont, California, who knew he would die a few days later with a robot.

It is about Ernest Quintana, who was admitted to the emergency department of the Kaiser Permanente medical center with breathing difficulties and died two days later.

His family already knew that he was very ill due to chronic lung disease, however, they were devastated when a robot entered the room that night and, through a video call, a doctor told the patient that he would probably die a few days

According to CNN information, the car entered his room and a doctor, who appeared through the live video link, offered the sad prognosis.

"I think they should have had more dignity and treated him better," he said in a CNN interview Annalisia Wilharm, grandson of Ernest Quintana, who was with him when the robot entered.

Annalisia was shocked by the scene in which the doctor spoke through a car. "This guy was telling him:" So we have the results and there is no lung, no lung to work with, "he recalled.

Wilharm told CNN that his family knew his grandfather would die soon. But they are angry about the way the situation was handled and how the news was delivered. He said that she and her family hope that no one else will receive the same treatment.

On the other hand, Catherine Quintanathe patient's daughter said: "If you come to tell us normal news, that's fine, but if you come and tell us that there is no lung and we want to drip morphine to death, it should be made by a human being, not a car. "

About this Michelle Gaskill-Hames, senior vice president of the Kaiser Permanente medical center, described the situation as very unusual and stated that employees "deplore not having satisfied "the patient's expectations". He also offered "the most sincere condolences".



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