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Once founded as an idea ridiculed by multi-entrepreneur Elon Musk, SpaceX is now a recognized service provider in the space transport industry. The Falcon rockets of the private company have been supplying the International Space Station for years ISS with supply. The company has already launched numerous satellites in space. So far no man.

Musk and his engineers have long talked about having a manned flight – or rather – planned. Only when it should start, it was not clear so far. Now, the US space agency Nasa has authorized the private company for a test flight. A capsule specially designed for the journey of humans – the Dragon V2 or also Crew Dragon – Will go on March 3, 2019, first with a life-sized doll on board during the trip, reports the NASA on its website. It will transport a Falcon 9 rocket into space, which is already in preparation for the Kennedy Space Center Launchpad 39a in Florida.

On March 3rd, the
Attach the capsule to the ISS and return to Earth March 8.
"We are ready for launch, we are ready to dock," he said
Bill Gerstenmaier, NASA for manned space flight
is responsible for a press conference at the United States Spaceport Cape Canaveral. Currently, the test flight with the official name Demo-1 is scheduled for 8.45 German time. Experience has shown that similar missile launches change often, for example due to certain weather conditions or technical problems.

The space capsule Crew Dragon It is designed to carry a maximum of seven people. If this happens, NASA wants it for the first time this year
The astronauts could be launched into space with a SpaceX missile – a mission would probably start in July.

For a long time, the major aerospace companies competed to get orders from space agencies and global companies. The Boeing company is also working on a spaceship with which NASA will transport its ISS crews. Since the United States ceased the space shuttle program in 2011, they relied on Russian Soyuz rockets to transport their crews to the ISS. The contract with Russia expires in November. So SpaceX e Boeing take the upper hand. NASA has given $ 2.6 billion to SpaceX and $ 4.2 billion to the Boeing Company for companies that develop rocket and capsule systems that will launch astronauts into space on NASA's behalf – and back.

Recently, Boeing had to postpone the planned flight of the CST-100 Starliner spacecraft and now has a window scheduled for April. Also to Boeing initially no people to fly. This is expected for the summer as soon as possible.

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