A false edition of the "Washington Post" announces the resignation of Trump | international


January 16, 2019 will appear in the memorials of the false news. The capital of the United States amaneció on Wednesday with dozens of distributors of false editions of the Washington Post and a website that also emulated the newspaper. "Without a presidency", he recited the title of the false news with the same typography of the mail. The subtitle explained that Donald Trump had left the White House quickly, which had allowed "to end the crisis". The copy, dated May 1, falsely reported that the Republican had left the office by leaving a message on a napkin before embarking on a trip to Yalta, Crimea.

Fake copies of some of the oldest and most respected newspapers in the United States were soon distributed outside the White House, near the city's railway station and around the Capitol, among others. "I was reading the news and when I was away on vacation I was wondering if anything had escaped me, but what I saw did not correspond to what I know, but it was so well done … I kept going back to the headboard that said The Washington Post, until I fell into what was false, "says Carmen del Río, who received one of the copies next to the Treasury Department.The clue that enabled him to quickly understand was that the newspaper's slogan" Democracy dies in the dark "had been replaced by" Democracy wakes up in action ".

When Twitter users started uploading cover photos and wondering what it was, the mail he tweeted that so many newspapers that were being distributed in the center of the capital, like the website that tried to imitate them, were not their products: "We are investigating this". Ian Kullgreen, reporter of POLITIC, to publish the photo of the fake newspaper, with a message in which he commented that he tried to explain to the distributor without success how problematic he was doing.

At midday the copies were accumulated in the landfills of the streets and in the collective left Yes, men the deception was judged. The group of activists tends to make jokes in protest. In 2008, they were responsible for a million false copies of the New York Times which announced the end of the war in Iraq. Onnesha Roychoudhuri and L.A. Kauffman, the authors of the Wednesday action, stated in a statement that the intention was to show people that "the story told by the article is more reasonable than our current reality". "We have been very careful to put a future date and frame it, in essence, as a speculative fiction," Kauffman told the NPR radio, where he admitted that readers could be confused by similarities with the true edition of the mail. "I really hope people have a moment of joy before realizing that it's a dream projected into the future," he added.

The false texts have explained that Trump had been forced to resign under the pressure of protests led by multiracial women across the country. "We are already witnessing unprecedented levels of protest and resistance, now we just have to ask ourselves: what are the prospects?" This Saturday was called the annual march for women.



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