A fan stormed Mohamed Ramadan’s yacht on the northern coast.. You won’t believe how the artist reacted with his wife.. Video

Artistic accounts on social networking sites have reproduced a video in which the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, is accompanied by his wife and a group of his friends wandering the yacht on the northern coast.

The video shows a fan storming the yacht, swimming in the sea, in order to welcome and take a memorial photo with Muhammad Ramadan, to receive the latter on the private yacht, with hugs, and then dance together to the song “Ramadan”, “I am originally a jinn.”

A large number of social media pioneers interacted with the video, describing a fan who stormed the yacht in his own way, as a bold person.

A few days ago, the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, shared his fans and followers with a video clip through his official account on the Instagram photo and video site, as a large number of fans appeared in the video who wanted to take pictures with him.

What is remarkable in the video is the collapse of a child crying, when he saw the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, so the artist asked him about the reason for crying, to respond to him, saying: “There is no … I love you.” Ramadan’s reaction was to say, “Come, give a kiss and give a hug.”

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