A fast in the cracks of Vrovice killed a woman, the operation is resumed Home

Prague In the cracks of Vrovice today, in the early evening, the train crashed and killed a woman. Due to accidents, there was traffic for an hour peruen between Prague-Vrovice and Hostiva stations. The trains drove away by Libe. .


Mole after 18:30, the traffic between Vrovice and Hostiva was resumed. The police informed Violeta Siiov about the accidents.

enu collided with a fast train from Prague to the Czech Velenice around 5:30 pm near U Trati street in Vrovice. It was especially an accidental accident, said Siiov. According to Jana Potov, a spokesman for the rescue service of Jana Potov, a 44-year-old woman died in the city.

The accident site was impassable due to the investigation. At 18:35 the operation was resumed, while on one of the two tracks, said esk drhy.


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