A fifth of companies plan to increase wages across the board, the survey showed. They will grow by up to a tenth

One fifth of companies plan to increase wages across the board next year. And another fifth of companies expect wage growth for selected employees. The average increase should be ten percent. Both the number of companies and the pace of wage increases are lower than this year, according to a ČSOB survey of 400 companies and entrepreneurs.

For this year, 28 percent of the surveyed companies and sole traders increased wages and added 24 percent of selected employees to selected employees. The average wage increase was 12 percent.

“Companies are still struggling with a lack of suitable free employee profiles in the market, and according to current unemployment data, they are declining even more. lower than this year, “said Pavel Prokop, ČSOB’s Executive Director of Corporate Banking.

“I’m going to increase. It’s necessary, prices are going up, if you want to keep employees, then you have to pay,” said Jan Beran, owner of the Kovářství Beran company in Prague. “We already have an above-average evaluation for cleaning services, so we will not increase wages yet. I really do not know what will happen,” said the owner of the company Úklidovka Aš Tomáš Rudolf.

The average wage in the Czech Republic in the second quarter of this year rose by 11.3 percent year on year to 38,275 crowns. In gross terms, employees received an average of 3,893 crowns more than a year ago. Including growth in consumer prices, earnings rose by 8.2 percent in real terms. In general, however, two-thirds of employees do not reach the average wage.

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The Datank survey for the ČSOB Group among 400 small and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs was conducted from October to early November.


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