News A fire in Sosnowiec. Firefighters are getting ready...

A fire in Sosnowiec. Firefighters are getting ready for “advances”. What about air quality in the city and in the region?

On Wednesday – September 16 – a fire broke out in Sosnowiec after 17. Until midnight, despite many hours of intensive firefighting operations, the situation was still not fully under control. There are firefighters from all over the province. Everything indicates that the fire will be extinguished the earliest in the morning of September 17.

The fire in Sosnowiec continues. There are over 50 fire brigades on site

On Wednesday, September 16, after 17 firefighters received a notification of a fire at 4 Radocha Street in Sosnowiec. – We have almost 8,000 square meters of various substances on fire. these are plastics and substances in GLP [to plastikowe zbiorniki – przyp. red] chemical composition unknown to us, but flammable – informed the nadbryg. Jacek Kleszczewski, Silesian Provincial Commander of the State Fire Service.

The fire is extinguished all the time. As the officer on duty at the Security and Crisis Management Department in Katowice informed us, after hours At 23:30 55 fire brigades were operating on the spot. Firefighters are preparing for the so-called “advances”to “attack” from different sides and “smother” him with a single blow.

Arkadiusz Chęciński, president of Sosnowiec, informed that a fire broke out on a private plot of land. Substances of unknown origin are burning there.

The most important information is that no one has been injured. Only from ul. Mikołajczyk in Sosnowiec, 25 people were evacuated.

As already mentioned, the fire has not yet been contained, but firefighters have managed to defend buildings in the immediate vicinity. No one is in danger.

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Fire in Sosnowiec – what about air quality?

Firefighters constantly monitor the movement of the fire gas cloud in cooperation with the inspectors of the Provincial Inspectorate for Environmental Protection and the chemical unit. The area is secured by 120 policemen – including from Sosnowiec, from the prevention units of the Provincial Police Headquarters and from neighboring cities.

Arkadiusz Chęciński, Mayor of Sosnowiec: There is a specialized fire brigade on site that tests the air – there is no threat at this point

The Voivodship Crisis Management Center also informed that there is no direct threat to the health and life of the inhabitants of Sosnowiec and the surrounding cities.

– Firefighters are doing everything to tomorrow morning [17 września] the sky above the place was already blue. There will be plenty of water – added the chief brig. Jacek Kleszczewski.

A fire in Sosnowiec. Puffs of smoke seen in many cities of the province. …


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