A firework of shooting stars in the night sky in November


Asunción: One can only hope that there will be many cloudless nights during the rest of November. A firing of shooting stars is active in the night sky.

Although at the beginning of November many shooting stars were observed by the Orionids, but still somewhat held back. In the middle of the month, during the moonlit nights, great flashes appear in the sky.

Currently the Taurids are present. There are two streams of meteors, originally it was only one, created by tail traces of the comet 2P / Encke. The strong gravitation of Jupiter involved the detachment of the tail and now two parts, one to the north and one to the south, exist. In the constellation of Taurus, located to the east, most of the shooting stars around midnight can be observed.

Slowly, there are more and more meteors falling from the sky. In mid-November, there is a significantly higher activity than the northern Taurids. Around five to 20 shooting stars are shown at the moment. Officially, the highlight will be reached on November 12th.

The conditions for the show are favorable, especially because the moonlight does not bother. November 7th was the new moon. We hope that the sky is clear to watch the shooting stars.

It is certainly worth remembering that the Taurids often appear in the form of large rockets, the so-called bolides. In 2005, several large fireballs were visible. Because of the slowness with about 30 km / s of brightness, the meteors are perfect for taking pictures. Until December they keep coming.

Wochenblatt / Sternegucker BR

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