A first “encouraging” sign in the latest epidemiological data, according to Marc Van Ranst

“The increase in the number of infections is decreasing a bit, which is encouraging, but we have not yet reached a plateau.” These words are those of Marc Van Ranst who was the guest of the program “De Afspraak” on the VRT on Monday evening. The virologist explains that the increase in cases in our country is less significant than in recent weeks at the level of the percentage, which is 15% at present, while it was twice as high a little more ago barely a week.

“Last week the increase was a bit bigger. If you look at hospital admissions and other settings like intensive care, the increase is a bit smaller there too. And each lower number is. bearer of hope “, explained Van Ranst who sees in these figures the same scenario as in previous waves. “First the numbers go up, then they stabilize and finally they go down. Predicting that this scenario will happen for this fourth wave is not difficult. It is much more difficult to know when exactly it will happen.”

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