Sport A former Barcelona president launched a phrase about Lionel...

A former Barcelona president launched a phrase about Lionel Messi that worried fans

The former manager charged against the current leadership through Twitter

Amid the uncertainty generated by the future of Lionel Messi in a Barcelona, that is going through an extensive structuring process, the former club president Joan Laporta, charged against the leadership for the way they treated the possible departure of Luis Suárez.

In turn, also left a phrase that resonates in the Barça environment Above all that is being generated with speculation about the captain and Barça leader, whose continuity for the 2020-21 season has not yet been confirmed.

Through his official Twitter account, the former manager who could run again as a candidate for the next presidential elections in March, classified current managers as “incompetent”.


“Have they told Luis Suárez that they don’t have him on the phone? It seems to me an act of cowardice by the President and a lack of respect for the player “, fired the former manager, who was in command of the institution between 2003 and 2010.

“This way of acting is unpresentable and damages the image of the club”, assured about the latest information from Spain in which they assured that Koeman would have communicated remotely with the Uruguayan to comment on his decision

Regarding what is happening with Lionel Messi, who is involved in a media circle about what his future will be at Barcelona, ​​the businessman stressed that, “It makes me suspect that they want to sell it. It would be a historical mistake. Poor Barça, being in the hands of these incompetents ”.

Laporta spoke about Luis Suárez through his Twitter account

Laporta spoke about Luis Suárez through his Twitter account

“In December I will decide, but every time I have more desire to present myself to the elections to be president of Barça”, Joan Laporta assured in mid-July of this year from the Barcelona hospital of Sant Joan de Déu, which he attended in a solidarity event for a donation of masks.

“I am afraid that some action by the board could lead to an irreversible decision. Letting Messi escape, nobody disputes, would be the death sentence of any president. Messi is still a player with a long journey, he is the best in history and the right conditions must be created so that he can continue, feel comfortable and can last a few more years, ”he said at the time.

At that time, he also criticized the agreement that was reached with Juventus for Pjanic: “That change of players is going against the essence of sports. AND it has to do with the poor financial management of the club. The change Pjanic and Arthur are thinking only in the economic ”.


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