He former director of Hospital of Plottier, Marcelo Di Peto, will join as voluntary to the medical clinic of that institution to collaborate and bring some relief to health personnel, after the increase in positive cases of Covid-19 in that town.

Di Peto is a clinical doctor, councilor and director of the Sanitary Station of the Plottier Public Services Cooperative, in addition to working in private activity. He was also director of the Hospital de Plottier for about three years, when he was still at the old headquarters.

I have volunteered since the pandemic started. I worked in the old hospital, also in other pandemics like Flu A, although they were not of these characteristics. But I know about the fatigue, the exhaustion of colleagues, that is why I made myself available to its director Francisco Facci so that he can count on me”Di Peto told LM Neuquén.

I point out that he will join the medical clinic hospitalization staff when the Director of Medical Attention, Rafael Palomino, so decides.

Marcelo Di Peto- doctor-councilor- Plottier.jpeg


He said that when Governor Omar Gutiérrez launched the volunteer proposal, the process was streamlined. He also agreed that “the staff recognized that they were exhausted, due to the wear and tear of these months, when there are staff on leave, set aside for being a risk factor.” While adding: “It makes me sick to see colleagues tired from so much work, I know what they are going through. It doesn’t bother me to keep watch ”.

He pointed out that in Plottier five people died from Covid-19, but 270 did also since the beginning of the pandemic for other reasons, hence the need to attend to all pathologies per se.

The doctor invited his colleagues who work in private activity or who are retired to join this volunteer service in this context of health emergency. “I want to urge the rest of the retired doctors or those who are in private practices to join the hospital work. Most have passed through the public sector and know the mystique of hospitals. Let them join in, it will rejuvenate them ”, he assured LMN.

He indicated that any experience they can contribute, in addition to specialties with great demand, will be welcomed in the local public health system.


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