A fox invites itself to the reception of the police of Huy!

“He entered the police station, through an open door, explains commissioner Steve Jasselette, and he stood there, in front of the reception. He was visibly hungry and was neither aggressive nor afraid.”

The team gave him dog food to eat and, given the weakened state of the animal, contacted the Creaves rehabilitation center in Coutisse (Andenne), which offered to come and capture him.

“In the meantime, we led the animal into the waiting room and closed the door, continues the commissioner. He remained calm and friendly for about 30 minutes.” Creaves specialists boarded the animal after observing it. “Apparently, he is sick. He has scabies. The center will take care of treating him and avoiding euthanasia because the fox can be considered a pest.”

This young fox could be the one the neighborhood has seen wandering around for the past few days. “A fox was reported multiple times on the home side.” Just as it was observed in the courtyard of the Bons Enfants school.

The Huois police were in any case moved by this fox, cute and not shy for a penny. “He didn’t let himself be touched but we could approach him.” And Steve Jasselette concludes, no sense of humor: “This hungry fox was probably looking for chickens. He didn’t find the right ones!” And to also specify that “the entire reception room has been completely disinfected”.

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