A French company announces the sale of its first artificial heart


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The French company “Carmat” announced, on Monday, the sale of a completely artificial heart, under the name “Eason”.

The artificial heart was used in the body of a patient in the Italian city of Naples in preparation for a transplant, in the first sale of the company since its inception in 2008, according to what male site “dukehealth”.

The company confirmed in a statement that this operation was “performed by the team of Ciro Maiello, a cardiac surgeon at the Naples Hospital Center, one of the centers with the most experience in the field of artificial hearts in Italy.”

In December 2020, Carmat got the green light to market its artificial heart in Europe, which paves the way for a heart transplant, thanks to the positive results of a study that was launched in 2016 and is still ongoing.

“Carmat” indicated that this operation “constitutes the first sale” since its establishment in 2008, and represents “a major step that opens a new page for the development of society.”

A few days ago, on July 15, the French medical technology company announced that it had implanted for the first time in the United States a fully artificial heart, as part of a clinical study conducted at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

Ten patients who can be operated on as part of this trial will be selected, in accordance with a study protocol approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Three US centers are currently selecting patients.


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