“A friend of a friend was vaccinated and died”… Gura Kim and Gri, abruptly deleted YouTube scenes

[이데일리 김민정 기자] Broadcaster Gura Kim and his son, rapper Gri (real name Kim Dong-hyun), had a conversation about the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine, which became a hot topic. Netizens reacted that it was difficult to understand.

On the 22nd, on the YouTube channel ‘Grigura’, where Kim Gu-ra and the rich man appeared together, the two visited an Italian brunch restaurant in Ilsan and talked about the COVID-19 vaccine.

On this day, Kim Gura said, “It’s the second day after receiving the second dose of vaccine,” and “I was very worried that Choo Seong-hoon, Girl’s Day Sojin, and AOA Seolhyun had some after-effects after receiving the second vaccine, but yesterday was fine and there were no aftereffects. In fact, I think it’s better than the first time.”

(Photo = ‘Grigura’ YouTube capture)

He also said, “It’s been 5 days since I was vaccinated, and I’m fine. The day was fine, and on the second day, I had a headache, but now I am fine.” After hearing this, Gura Kim mentioned the side effects of Corona 19 and said, “There were a lot of serious accidents due to injections among young people.”

Gree also said, “Actually, my friend’s friend also had an accident. He died after being hit by Pfizer.” He said, “I don’t know him directly, but he died suddenly on the 5th day.”

Kim Gu-ra said to the subscribers, “Even before the first dose of vaccine, I persuaded her because she was afraid. Because what is socially appropriate is better for everyone.”

(Photo = ‘Grigura’ YouTube capture)

Afterwards, netizens continued to fight over the COVID-19 vaccine through comments on the video. Comments continued, such as “I’m worried that the side effects of the vaccine are not well known, and even if the probability of others was okay, it’s 100% for myself.. You shouldn’t become a society that enforces vaccines.”

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Then, on the 25th, when it was reported that the remarks Kim Gura and Gri shared had been edited in the video, netizens said, “Hey, I really can’t see only those remarks.. Do I even need to edit them?”, “I said the right thing, but why would it be deleted..” , “Isn’t it too conscious of your surroundings? I don’t understand.”


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