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A gas leak at an LG plant in India has led to human casualties: Accidents: World:

At least eight people died as a result of a gas leak at the LG Polymers plant in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, hundreds were hospitalized, and several thousand reported malaise. It is reported by the Hindustan Times.

The incident occurred near the city of Visakhapatnam. One of the victims of the leak was a child. About 1000 people were hospitalized, while the local authorities can not name the exact number of unconscious at home. The death of cows and other cattle is also known.

The Indian Emergency Service (NDFR) evacuated almost all the inhabitants of the three nearest villages: it is reported that at the time of publication, 80 to 90 percent of the locals were removed. The population of 20 neighboring villages was advised to breathe through filters made of wet cloth and not to go outside, and firefighters sprayed an aqueous suspension to collect particles of harmful substances.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced an emergency meeting of the ministries of emergency situations and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and wrote on Twitter that he prays for the safety and health of everyone in Vishakhapatnam.

LG Polymers is a company affiliated with LG Chem, an Indian subsidiary of the Korean company LG. The factory where the leak occurred produces polystyrene. It is reported that in the air in its vicinity found a gas that is released during the combustion of styrene, the main raw material for its production. The preliminary cause of the accident is the fact that the plant was left unattended during quarantine.

In 2017, a gas leak occurred near a school in Indian Delhi. As a result, 200 students were injured.

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