A German shot a student over a banal dispute about a mask. He got a life sentence

Mario N. testified that he became upset, drove home, got a gun, returned to the gas station and shot the attendant. He possessed the weapon illegally. During the trial, he pleaded guilty and expressed remorse.

In the process, the public prosecutor’s office demanded a life sentence, pointing out that the man acted out of low motives and with malice, so it was a particularly serious crime. The defense asked for the reclassification of the crime to manslaughter with a reduced degree of sanity. Mario N. had about two per million of alcohol in his blood at the time of the crime. The verdict is not yet final, both the convicted and the prosecution can appeal against the regional court’s decision.

A life sentence in Germany means that a convicted person can apply for parole after 15 years. If the court recognizes the guilt as extremely serious, the path to parole is legally possible, but very complicated and almost impossible.

The case shook Germany and sparked a wide debate about the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and the extent to which society is threatened by radicalization due to disagreement with quarantine regulations.

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