A GP practiced with a tracker on her leg due to harassment, who then committed another sexual harassment

A general practitioner, who is now accused of further sexual harassment, continued to practice with a tracker on his leg because of sexual harassment. Glance.

One of the doctor’s staff members spoke to the paper, saying “it was a constant topic that the doctor should not be left alone with female patients because they would feel them wherever possible”. He also talked about “it was weird that the doctor was constantly pulling on his socks, but we only found out later that because he had a tracker on his feet”.

According to Blikk, the doctor had previously been investigated for raping a girl under the age of 14, but the proceedings were eventually dropped. According to the paper, the man was accused of cheating on a minor mentally injured girl in 2016 who had been raped three times. The girl filed a complaint, but the investigation was later terminated because the girl committed suicide in 2018 and there was no evidence other than her report.

Blikk contacted the Hungarian Medical Chamber to find out how the doctor could work with a tracker, whether the employer knew about the proceedings against him, and whether an ethical investigation had been initiated against him. The Chamber answered all three questions, “We have no information about this.”


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