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The young Trio Messiaen with Brahms clarinet in concert on 6, 7 and 8 December, at the Chamber Music Center in Paris.
The young Trio Messiaen with Brahms clarinet in concert on 6, 7 and 8 December, at the Chamber Music Center in Paris. DR

Nineteen hours, Salle Cortot, in Paris, the audience of this November 29th is not exactly there for the young Trio Messiaen in Second trio, from Mendelssohn, but for the singular approach initiated by the cellist and pedagogue Jerome Pernoo, founder of the Chamber Music Center in Paris. As an academic as the name of the project, which presents its fourth season of concerts, it does not resemble anyone else. The democratization of academic music often has a needy side: Jérôme Pernoo has decided that pleasure would be the landlord with parties capable of seducing across the board – a concert of an hour, followed by a buffet break with the artists , before the short presentation of a written work (Just made up) and the "big" evening concert, dramatized and put into space.

A few or no stars, but excellent musicians at the margins of their careers. No declension of catalogs of works, but a specific highlight of some, presented for three weeks in a row. A bet among the other, out of the tormented brain of Jerome Pernoo after twenty years of careful reflection.

The Trio Messiaen was set on the set. "Applaud when you want." Silence was not obligatory in Mendelssohn's time. "says the program. The audience will not be told twice, and it is an enthusiastic slap that will welcome the brilliant end of the first movement Cheerful energetic and with fire. Commitment, rigor, expressiveness, these young people are already impressive, from the violin of David Petrlik to the cello of Volodia Van Keulen, through the piano by Théo Fouchenneret, who personally wins the First Prize of the International Competition of Geneva (shared with the Russian Dmitry Shishkin).

Wolfgang is madly screwed

9 pm: the spectators have invested the 400 seats in the reinforced concrete hall of Auguste Perret, whose acoustics are, one might say, one of the best in Paris. The concert is titled "Mozart vs Stadler ", this is the Great Game KV 361 for wind instruments. The challenge of a chess game in seven shots between a wildly agitated Wolfgang, a player and a scato, inspired byAmadeus by Milos Forman and the clarinetist Anton Stadler (1753-1812), friend and brother of loggia, who inspired him no less than the famous trio "Les Quilles", the Quintet of strings with clarinet, as well as the Concert for clarinet. Pernoo drew the correspondence of the two men for the drafting of the text pronounced by Leo Doumene (actor for the hour, but professional harpist) and by the clarinetist François Tissot.


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