A hard-to-detect fraud has arrived in Slovakia: Banks are not hiding their concerns, beware of this

Bank clients find themselves under fire from telephone fraudsters. Worse, they are becoming more sophisticated. Slovenská sporiteľňa is currently registering dozens of such attempts at abuse.

Fraudsters can disguise the telephone number that appears on the called client’s display so that it appears as his bank number. Despite the fact that the scammer does not call from him. “The caller introduces himself as an employee of the bank and may even introduce himself under the name of a real employee, or even sends a fake identification card,” warns Ján Adamovský, head of security at Slovenská sporiteľna.

It then informs him that someone has applied for a loan on his behalf and advises him to contact the bank branch to cancel the loan. “However, before the client can do so, a fake policeman calls him and informs him that a crime has been committed in connection with credit fraud,Adamovský continues. The fake police even make an appointment with him. “In this way, fraudsters want to increase their credibility,” warns the head of security.

The client’s frustration continues with another series of phone calls. The following is again from a “bank employee” who offers him a solution to the situation: “If you take out the maximum possible loan from the bank, you will use up the credit limit and therefore outrun the fraudster.” If the client accesses this game, in the next round he will receive instructions on how to transfer the funds to a safe account until such time as the situation is resolved.

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“In the scenarios known to us, they direct the client to a bank branch with the intention of withdrawing all the cash from the loan provided, for example under the pretext of buying a car. They provide him with QR codes with the bank’s logo and navigate him to crypto machines to buy bitcoins,” Adamovský points out. Of course, as with other scams, the client will lose money.

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