A hidden village is located beneath the iceberg at Fortnite – Dexerto.fr


Although Season 7 is new, it seems that soon new changes will be made to the map.

In fact, as you know, Fortnite season 7 arrived a few days ago and caused many changes on the map.

Greasy Grove no longer exists and much of the map is now completely covered in snow.

Polar Peek is a new place on the map of Fortnite, but the German youtubeur StanPlay has discovered that under the iceberg a village and a castle were hiding.

This last one has published a video showing how to log in under the iceberg and so walk in this future area.

We can therefore expect a new event in the coming days that should melt the iceberg and then unveil this new village and also this castle in broad daylight.

Season 7 has also brought a new way of traveling for players, zip lines. Discover a map that includes all the zip lines of the game by clicking on our article dedicated to this topic.


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