A high-end concert film was made about the performance of Mandoki Soulmates in Budapest

With a global international streaming event, MANDOKI SOULMATES would like to thank the audience for their now three decades of love at 9pm on January 15th. Fans can watch an exclusive concert recording of Utopia for Realists: Hungarian Pictures in Budapest last August.

In addition to the screening of the concert, Leslie Mandoki will talk live with members of the band about the challenges of the past two years, as well as get a taste of what’s new, such as Jethro Tull’s new album, “The Zealot Gene”.
In a statement, Leslie Mandoki wrote: Our audience continued to inspire our creativity in these uncertain times for both the performers and the world. We would like to express our gratitude with live Zoom conversations and then with a lavish concert film never seen before, made at our electrifying outdoor performance in Budapest in August 2021. Saturday’s streaming event will feature 16 camera-recorded, two-and-a-half-hour, high-end prog-rock suite concert films in a way that is only possible in the audiovisual media – so we want to thank our wonderful audience. “

Mandoki Soulmates Koncert; Budapest, Hungary; 21.08.2021; Al di Meola; Leslie Mandoki; Richard Bona; Tony Carey; Mike Stern; Bill Evans; Randy Brecker; Till BrönnerSource: Zsuzsa Piece

About 30,000 people attended the record presentation concert in Budapest last year. In 2021, it was the band’s only performance. In addition to Leslie Mandokin, world stars such as guitarist Al Di Meola and Mike Stern, keyboardist Tony Carey, trumpet player Bill Evans, trumpet player Randy Brecker and Till Brönner, and bassist Richard Bona and amazing Hungarian artists such as Béla Szakcsi Lakatos and Charlie.

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