A Hollywood actress irritated by the viral photos of the "water girl" in the Golden Globes


The actress did not hold back and clarified her irritation at the fact.

The protagonist of "Halloween" Jamie Lee Curtis, showed his displeasure for the appearance of the girl who distributes the water before the Golden Globes, expressing that it seemed a "shameless" promotion, from the Fiji brand.

The annoyance made her public on her Instagram account after her husband told her that it was apparently an advertising campaign for the Fiji watermark.

"My husband, who does not see many sites with entertainment news, reads an article on viral news," he wrote in the initial paragraphs of his criticism.

"I knew that there was a photographer there, I went away and I said out loud that I did not want to advertise for anybody.The event sponsors had to ask permission to people who took pictures next to the products ", has continued.

Some celebrities who were also victims of the alleged advertising campaign were Jim Carrey, Lulianne Moore, Carly Steel, Camila Belle and Lucy Boynton among others.


The girl who no one knew her name until Sunday night, managed to set a trend in social networks and make "photobomb" more epic on a red carpet.

The almost impossible task to do, taking into account that she was on par with the Hollywood cream, was made by Kelleth Cuthbert, who has been in the modeling industry for some time.



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