A January report was already "unfavorable" to security at the Murcia nightclub where 13 people died

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A report of the Murcia City Council In January of this year, he warned of the security deficiencies at the unlicensed nightclub where 13 people died in a fire a week ago.

As EL MUNDO has learned, the dossier of the municipal Civil Protection service – in which the firefighters also participated – examined the capacity of the nightclub theater and its emergency exits, among other aspects, and concluded that was not in a position to be open to the public. The report, therefore, was “unfavorable”as sources familiar with the documentation reveal to this newspaper.

The Civil Protection technicians carried out this work after the company that manages Teatre requested to legalize it since, in January 2022, the Murcia City Council had ordered its termination.

To process this legalization and reverse the sealing order, it was necessary for the municipal service that evaluate security in the nightclubs to carry out this work, the resolution of which was crystallized in the report that is part of the file that is already in the hands of the judge. The magistrate has decreed the secrecy of the proceedings.

Teatre began the legalization process in March 2022, two months after the City Council signed the closure decree. In October of that year, a municipal inspection went to the pub to check whether those responsible had complied with the order.

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