A judge orders a police officer to be compensated with 90,000 euros for workplace harassment by her superior and a subordinate

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The Social Court Number 4 of Puerto del Rosario (Fuerteventura) has sentenced a police officer to compensate 90,000 euros for the workplace harassment she suffered from her direct superior and a subordinate, which led to her becoming degraded in its functions.

In a ruling, to which Europa Press has had access, the judge “substantially” upholds the lawsuit filed by the woman – represented by Juan Antonio Frago, surplus prosecutor and partner at Frago&Suarez Abogados Penalistas – against the other two police officers, declaring that violated their fundamental rights to physical and moral integrity and to equality and non-discrimination based on sexhaving “suffered continued workplace harassment.”

He also points out that “it is clear” that “the defendant administration” –the National Police Corps – “has clearly failed at the time of preventing the plaintiff from being exposed to the situation of workplace harassment that has been proven”, for which it condemns the three to respond jointly and severally for the compensation set.

According to the account of proven facts, the problems began when the police landed at the DNI and Passport issuing office in the Canary Islands town of Tuineje. Due to his professional category, he held the position of head of the operational group, which meant relieving his colleague – of a lower level – who had been carrying out the functions of the person in charge until that moment, both reporting to the general secretary of the Local Police Station. from Puerto del Rosario.

The first complaints arose in the second half of 2020, when The partner told their boss that “he had problems” with her because “he issued little and spent his time walking around the UED (Immigration and Documentation Unit) assuming the greatest workload for himself” and another police officer who worked in that office. As a result of this, the general secretary of Puerto del Rosario asked for “a more equitable distribution.” In response, the police reversed the roles of his two subordinates.

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