A. Juknevičius’ technique has moved to the Dakar Rally: an impressive camper is also driving

Lithuanians joined forces in Dakar

Three Lithuanian teams from Dakar sent their equipment for a trip of almost 2,500 km. The KREDA team and Vaidotas Žala’s race car and Arūnas Gelažninkas’ motorcycle moved together to the port of Marseille in France.

They will be followed all the way by a serious escort – support trucks and a KREDA camper. A caravan of Lithuanian Dakar machinery is traveling to the port of Klaipeda, where it will be loaded onto a ship sailing to the port of Kiel, Germany. From there, you can reach the port of Marseille by road. The team’s impressive camper, also known as the Motorhome, suffered a technical breakdown on the German highway last year and did not reach France. This year, the camper has been tested under various conditions and the team hopes to successfully reach the port of Marseille and later make its debut in Dakar.

“The first stage has been successfully completed – we have sent the fully prepared Dakar equipment from the KREDA team base to the port of Marseille. There, the equipment will be loaded onto a ship sailing to Saudi Arabia. We will be able to pick up our equipment from the port of Jeda on December 28th. It is very important that nothing happens to our technicians during such a long journey, but we hope that everything will be fine and we will regain the kind of equipment we sent from the team base. Now we are waiting for the next stage, which will start in Saudi Arabia, “said Dakar legend A. Juknevičius.

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After taking back the equipment in the port of Jeda, the KREDA team will start preparing for the administrative and technical inspections waiting for December 29-31. The rest of the support equipment of the KREDA team will reach Saudi Arabia from the United Arab Emirates, as last year. The team members will have to cover more than 2,000 km to deliver support cars from Dubai to Jeddah.

Dakar team will have its own house on wheels

Racer A. Juknevičius will fly to Saudi Arabia before Christmas with the remaining members of the KREDA team in Lithuania. Arriving in this Middle Eastern country, the racer will address the remaining issues, but one of them has been taken care of in advance. Arriving in Saudi Arabia, the “House on Wheels” will ensure extremely comfortable living conditions while traveling in Dakar.

“The climate in Saudi Arabia is not very hospitable, so the idea of ​​sleeping in a tent at zero temperature did not fascinate me, even considering myself a real punk in Dakar. The House on Wheels was not transported to Dakar last year, but I am sure it will be done this year. And then after the difficult speed sections it will be left to enjoy quality rest and comfortable living conditions in the bivouac, ”says A. Juknevičius about the obligatory services provided by the KREDA team camper.

The idea of ​​promoting environmental friendliness is 5 years old

2018 The KREDA team has won an exclusive Eco-Label award for its sustainable solar solution and has been recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly in Dakar. In 2022, the team will celebrate its 5th anniversary, when its daily needs are met 100 percent. using the accumulated solar energy.

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The Solitek solar power plant, installed on the roof of the team’s support truck from 2018, reliably withstood the extreme conditions that posed challenges not only in South America but also in Saudi Arabia. During the day, the solar power plant accumulated enough energy to carry out the daily work of the bivouac around the clock. As a result, the KREDA team did not use a generator and polluting solutions.

“A powerful and durable two-sided modular solar power plant with a total area of ​​10 sq. M. Is installed on the roof of our support truck. m. For four years, it withstood the most extreme conditions – 50 degrees heat, high vibrations, sandstorms, dust storms and all other adversities. I am sure that it will last for the fifth year, and at the same time will allow us to be one of the few who are able to live in Dakar both ecologically and quietly, ”says A. Juknevičius.

The solar power plant is installed not only on the roof of the support truck, but also on the camper of the KREDA team. The two solar power plants will accumulate enough energy during the daylight hours to meet the needs not only of the team but also of the bivouac neighbors.

The 2022 Dakar Rally will take place for the third time in Saudi Arabia on January 1-14. The leader of the KREDA team – Antanas Juknevičius is the most experienced Lithuanian racer in Dakar, preparing for the 13th of his Dakar. In keeping with the sand dunes and desert, the racer, known as the Dakar Punk, has tripled his best-in-class performance in the Baltics. In 2018, Antanas Juknevičius was officially recognized as a legend of the Dakar Rally.

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