A kitten with four ears became a star on social networks

One day, owner Canis Dosemeci found the kitten in a backyard in Ankara with his four siblings. There are a lot of cats roaming outside in Turkey, so such a finding would not be unusual. However, an animal with a defective jaw and two pairs of ears, which was different from the others, immediately gained her attention. She also took the kitten home for fear that she would not have to survive on the street due to its unusual appearance.

The dosemecium kitten was named after King Midas of Fry, who ruled in Asia Minor in the 8th century BC. According to Greek legend, the king could not be satisfied with his wealth and wanted the gods to teach him to turn everything he touched into gold. Once he accidentally touched his daughter, a golden statue became sound. The gods then punished Midas by letting his donkey ears grow.

The owner took the kitten to a veterinarian, who found that the mutation did not affect the animal’s health or hearing. All four earbuds are connected to the ear canal, the veterinarian told Reuters.

The kitten quickly became friends with two golden retrievers, Zeyno and Suzi, who already lived in her owner’s apartment. Five weeks ago, the owner started uploading the cat’s photos to instagram, where the cute animal quickly gained tens of thousands of followers.

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