A lady spends 16 pounds in a shop


No one in the British order has ever expected to face a similar case, a lady who spent £ 16m on a single shopping trip inside the famous Harrods store … See what I did with all that money?

This was the question that the British interrogations posed, which led them to doubt the intentions of the Azerbaijani woman, Zmira Hajeva, 55, whose investigations showed that she spent £ 16m in the famous London store.

The British police arrested Hajiyeva, the first woman to be tried in Britain under the unjustified money laundering law, according to reports from the BBC.

After being subjected to Azerbaijan, he was found to be the wife of a former banker in Azerbaijan and is serving a 15-year sentence for embezzlement.

The investigations also revealed that Hajiyeva lives in a house near Harrods at a price of 15 million pounds.

And he asked that the investigating authorities, the need to show the source of wealth, while his lawyer said it is not "fraudulent".

Investigators also found that they were also wanted in Azerbaijan for embezzlement and were placed under conditional detention, and the investigating authorities refused to hand them over to Azerbaijan on the grounds that they could pose a threat to their escape.

The Azerbaijani woman said she lived in Britain for almost a decade and left her country after surviving violent abductions.

Supreme Court Judge Emma Arbuthnot has agreed to a conditional release on bail of half a million pounds, staying at her Knightsbridge home, not traveling on the highway, and going to the police station every day.

Investigators are still trying to find out if the 16 million spent are related to the money stolen by her husband, whom she fears may be frozen by the British authorities.

Ms. Hajiyeva was able to purchase the most precious and rare jewels, so she could spend £ 16 million.



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