A large number of high-quality foreign aid floods into the league Jeremy Lin and Wims are the most popular_liaoning team

Original title: A large number of high-quality foreign aid poured into the league Jeremy Lin, the most popular Wims

Jeremy Lin, Wilms, Jones, Johnson and other foreign players who will return in the second stage are the most popular, most capable and popular ace foreign players in the CBA league.

Jeremy Lin, who had already reached an intent to cooperate with the Beijing Shougang team a long time ago, can be described as hard work. After experiencing the double test of infection with the new crown + recurrence of old injuries, his weight has dropped significantly, affecting many aspects such as confrontation ability and core strength. At the same time, Jeremy Lin also experienced appendicitis when he was in the competition area. Nevertheless, Jeremy Lin has already sat on the bench to watch the game in the last few games of the first stage.

After the Beijing team returned to Beijing, there was a week off, and the young players only had two days off. Jeremy Lin only gave himself one day off, and then started the training program, conducting technical training with young player Yang Ali, and also competing against Shougang reserve team members. Jeremy Lin’s waist injury is gradually recovering. Before that, it took five to six hours a day for relaxation and massage. Recently, the condition of the waist is getting better.

According to basketball reporter Jia Lei, the Beijing Shougang Men’s Basketball Team has signed a new small foreign aid Barry Brown, who serves as a guard and has no previous CBA experience. If it can make a trip, Shougang will have three small configurations, namely Jeremy Lin, Gibson and Brown.

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Wilms recently posted on social media, suggesting that he will return soon. It is expected that after the end of the isolation period, Wilms will return to the Guangdong team. Prior to this, Wilms said in a high profile that he would strive to win four consecutive championships in the Guangdong team. As the core foreign aid for the Guangdong team to win the championship in the last two seasons, Wimes’ performance in the finals can be called an absolute MVP level, completely overwhelming the Liaoning team’s Mayo and Fogg.

The Liaoning team’s new foreign aid, Morland, who once played for the Shanxi team, will play for the Liaoning team in the second stage. After losing 1-2 to the Guangdong team in the finals for two consecutive seasons, the Liaoning team recognized the fact that Wilms could not be restrained by small foreign aid. After the Liaoning team, which had Zhou Qi in the National Games, won the championship, the Liaoning team began to look for a dominant foreign aid under the basket, and Morand entered the field of view of the Liaoning team. Morland averaged 29 minutes per game in Shanxi last season, scoring 14.3 points, 11.8 rebounds, 2.9 assists, 1.6 steals and 2 blocks.

Moreland was the best defensive inside and outside player in the entire CBA last season, with rebounds, blocks and defensive efficiency ranking among the best in the league. His ability to defend the frame, rebound ability and defense ability are top level. But in contrast, his offensive ability is relatively average, basically focusing on eating cakes and second offenses, lacking autonomous offensive ability, and the stable mid-range shooting skills of former Liaoning team foreign aid Buss.

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