A large spread of hantavirus is expected

Experts predict a significant increase in hantavirus cases in Baden-Württemberg in the next year. According to a recent forecast, about 1360 cases are expected in the country in 2019, a Health Ministry spokesman said today. Previously, the "Südwest Presse" spoke about it. To date, only 36 cases (starting from 15/10) of hantavirus disease have been reported nationally in the current year. The prognosis should also be sensitized to preventive measures for protection, the speaker explained.

According to the ministry, the virus is transmitted from infected animals such as red-eared rats or brown rats. It causes flu-like symptoms in humans, as well as hypotension and renal failure.

As a reason for the expected increase, the ministry claims that the oaks and beeches of the country are currently bearing fruit. This has ensured optimal feeding conditions for the carriers of the virus – these are mainly red chickens. Minister Manne Lucha (Party of the Greens) stressed: "The shelter and nesting facilities such as bulky waste or old tires in the garden should now be disposed of to avoid settlements of rodents".

Relatively many people have been infected by hantavirus in 2017, but at that time about 1700 cases were recorded throughout the year and nationally. Strong fluctuations in the annual number of relationships are considered normal in this disease.

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