a lawyer swings that he pocketed 250 million euros, the host answers!


Balance Ton Post fans can rest assured that there will be a second season of speeches. And it is Cyril Hanouna himself who confirms this in a long interview recently released TV entertainment. "We will make some adjustments but not big changes. There will be some shows in the early evening but also a change of program. I want the show to start earlier because I had a lot of spectators complained about the late hour when we started", in fact the PAF planter confessed.

Also, things happened in the program. There was a lot of clashes on the subject of yellow jackets and one in particular marked the spirits: the clash between Hanouna and a lawyer, a man named Juan Branco.

Remember, it was March 21st. "I defend the yellow jackets for free every day, I don't earn 250 million euros in 5 years to show me this show", he had the courage to swing the advice of Yellow Vests live.

That shocking Baba who was ready to respond by denying his information. "It is to produce emissions"he had wanted to clarify. "Asshole!"he even ended up throwing the animator to his interlocutor.

And then?

Cyril Hanouna ended up confiding a few hours later, on the TPMP set, that the situation had finally been resolved between them: "I swear that Juan Branco and I, after we talked, we finished the show we were good friends and we also sent a small text message this weekend (…) I had a little bit of knowledge about him this weekend, he does things for the yellow jackets, I find it very well (…) We exchanged both and it ended well. It remains to know who will be the next to discuss the topic.

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Pauline Buissonnet


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