A leaked video showing the moment the artist Mamdouh Abdel Alim suddenly fell dead!… Its end shocked everyone

He started acting from a young age in television programs, where his parents encouraged him to enter the Maspero building and present in television programs, to start his career at the age of eight years old, he is the late great artist Mamdouh Abdel Alim.

He began acting in the series “The Virgin Paradise” with actress Karima Mokhtar and director Nour El Demerdash, then presented the children’s series “Walid and Randa in Space”.

The cause of death was as a result of a sudden heart attack, leaving his audience with unforgettable roles in which he shied away from vanity and vulgarity, and preserved the diversity of performance and the ingenuity of the reincarnation of the Egyptian character.

Abdel Alim tells that acting was more important to him than anything else, since his father marked his talent, when he formed a band with his two brothers called chicks, and his father took him to the Maspero building to enter acting exams.

He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in economics and political science, and preferred to continue acting, which he loves. He presented the series “Asilah” with director Nour El Demerdash in the early eighties, then participated in the movie “Al-Mawardi Coffee”.

In 1983, director Hussein Kamal chose him to participate in the movie “The Virgin and the White Hair” with Mahmoud Abdel Aziz and Nabila Obeid. Abdel Alim tells that he owes Kamal a credit for presenting it to the audience after he grew up.

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