A Lebanese journalist is subjected to sexual blackmail in exchange for a job

A Lebanese journalist said that she was blackmailed by a journalist who placed an advertisement for the employment of female journalists, and asked her to agree to establishing a sexual relationship in addition to her job duties, as a condition for her acceptance of the job.

Journalist Rania Hamza published a post on her Facebook, in which she said that she was looking for a job, and one of her friends directed her to an advertisement for employment, paying $900 to an employee who performs the duties of an office manager in the field of media.

She said that after contacting him, he increased the amount to $1,400, and asked her to be elegant and asked her if she had any objection to traveling and sleeping outside the house, and he said that the office manager “must be his girlfriend and have a sexual relationship with him,” and she said that he told her that he did not He prefers to harass the girl after she is employed, but rather presents his conditions before hiring.

Hamza placed the behavior of the man, who claims to be a journalist, at the expense of the Ministry of Information, “which must protect us from these forms, and at the expense of the state and its agencies that released him.”

The publication sparked an advocacy campaign for it, and the Alternative Press Syndicate stated in a statement that after the testimonies revealing its disguise behind the status of owning news websites, to commit crimes of exploitation and sexual harassment against female colleagues and university students in the field of media, the assembly calls on the security services and judicial authorities to act immediately and take legal measures. his right.

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The assembly demanded the various media bodies and the concerned ministries, and instead of being distracted by shutting mouths and suppressing public and private freedoms, to carry out their duties by putting an end to those claiming to be journalists and those who exploit their financial, professional and political influence and people’s need to work, to practice the worst types of sexual exploitation against our female colleagues.

The assembly affirmed that all its human rights and legal capabilities were placed at the disposal of female colleagues who exposed these crimes, in addition to providing all moral and media support.

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