A “legal expert” reveals a shocking punishment awaiting the artist, “Mena Shalaby”, in the event that her involvement in drug smuggling is proven.

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Egyptian legal expert Ashraf Farahat revealed the expected punishment against the artist, Menna Shalaby, if the report of the chemical laboratory proves that the seizures that were seized in her possession at Cairo Airport are drugs.

He said that the prosecution released the artist on bail of 50 thousand pounds, and therefore she is accused of pending a case whose description has not changed, and she will remain accused until the report of the chemical laboratory comes, which will determine whether these seizures contain narcotic substances or not. According to “Al-Arabiya.net”

He pointed out that if these seized materials were drugs, the artist would be referred to criminal charges on charges of drug abuse and importation. The penalty may be hard labor for life.

The security services arrested the artist at Cairo airport after she was seized with narcotic substances during her return from America, and she was referred to the prosecution, which released her on bail of 50,000 pounds pending the case.

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