A Lille architectural firm chosen to build the Orlando memorial, 3 years after the Florida bombing

A building turned towards the sky and crossed by light, an alley lined with 49 trees, tribute to the 49 victims … The memorial which will be erected in memory of the Orlando attack on June 12, 2016, was entrusted to northern architects, Coldefy and Associates


We imagined a project that both preserves and sanctuizes this space which has been violently attacked“, emphasizes its director Thomas Coldef.”But we revive it by creating a garden for it, a kind of square that we can cross“In short,”it is both a place of memory but also a place of contemplation and inspiration for future generations. “

The Lille-based firm – and to whom we owe The Aruraletum of Euralille, the Lucie Aubrac college in Tourcoing, the Booking.com building in Tourcoing or the Tropicalia project – was chosen from 68 projects. A selection that was not only made by a jury, but also by an audience made up of victims and relatives of victims.

It puts a little pressure

I think the project is eagerly awaited, much watched“says Isabel Van Haute, co-manager.”It puts a little pressure, but in general, a little pressure also helps to raise the level.

A Lille cabinet chosen for the Orlando memorial, 3 years after the attack in Florida
Thomas Coldefy, Director of the architectural firm Coldefy & Associés; Isabel Van Haute, Co-manager of the architectural firm Coldefy & Associés; Zoltan Neville, Director of Design and International Development – France 3 Nord-Pas-de-Calais – Report by Laura Levy and Antoine Morvan. Editing by Marc Graff.

The firm now has one year to refine its project, which should materialize by 2023. “We don’t want to end this story with the tragedy“, slips Zoltan Neville, director of design and international development,”but we want to continue to represent life as something positive“g

The June 12, 2016 attack in Orlando

On June 12, 2016, Omar Mateen entered the gay “Pulse” box around 2 am, armed with an assault rifle and a pistol before opening fire.

At the end of a certain time, the author of the attack takes refuge in the toilets of the establishment with several people, with hostages. The police then use an armored vehicle to break through the wall of the nightclub, through which a SWAT team enters to assault. Omar Mateen is killed and around 30 hostages released.

The shooting killed 50 people, including the author, and was claimed by the Islamic State. It is one of the most serious homophobic crimes in history.

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